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We’re your Partner in this Fight!

The CHAMPION Promise Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, healthy lifestyles and empowerment of high risk and underserved women and girls. We exist to encourage and equip women to live at their highest level of wellness.


Courtesy of our friends at The American Cancer Society, Bright Pink & Susan G. Komen!

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Assess Your Risk

Are you High Risk for Breast Cancer? Take this 5min Assessment Test to Find Out

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Early Detection & Diagnosis

Everything you should know about how to detect and treat breast cancer at it’s earliest stage.

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Finding & Paying for Treatment

Here’s a helpful resource to help you choose the right treatment, understand your health insurance and navigate financial and legal implications.

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Metastatic Breast Cancer

Are you or someone you love living with metastatic breast cancer? Here’s an invaluable resource.

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Looking for a support group or other social services for you or a loved one?

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Explore Your Genetics

Do you have family history or a predisposition toward breast cancer that you may not know about?

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Screening & Self Awareness

Discover how monitoring changes in your body, and understanding how lifestyle decisions may affect your health.

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Support Programs & Services in Your Area

Need a ride to the doctor? Want more information about the lodging program through the ACS?

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Clinical Trials

Want more information on how you can participate in and benefit from breakthrough research?

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Survivorship Topics

How to get involved and how you can help, after you’ve come through your bout with breast cancer.


1,500,000+ women have assessed their risk for breast cancer. Do you know yours?

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